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Management of Website and Data Security

The Stony Hill Solutions website consists of html pages used to display information, links to the printers and distributors of Stony Hill Solutions publications, a guest book that permits visitors to enter comments, pdf renditions of the resumes of the owners, and a link allowing emails to be sent to the business.  This website does not manage any other data other than the guest book or emails sent by visitors.

Access to the pages used to display the website and operate the guest book are protected by unique user ID and password.

Access to the non-personal data collected for website traffic statistical analysis is protected by unique user ID and password.

The Stony Hill Solution owners are responsible for controlling the access to the files that make the website.

Data Privacy Policy

Stony Hill Solutions takes seriously the security and privacy of personal data the business engages.  We conduct our business in compliance with applicable laws on data privacy and data security.

Personal Data

The website operated by Stony Hill Solutions does not collect any personal data by visitors to the website. 

On the website, there is a section for “Signing Guestbook”.  If a visitor to the website chooses to enter personal information in the guest book that information will be accessible on the website to other visitors.  Stony Hill Solutions will not distribute any personal information that may be entered by a visitor to other parties.

When a Stony Hill Solutions owner is made aware of any personal information that has been entered to the guestbook about children (as defined by applicable laws and generally acceptable cultural considerations) that data will be removed.

Use of Internet to Access WebSite

A person accessing Stony Hill Solution website will do so using the Internet.  During that access certain non-personal information (such as type of Internet browser, IP address, domain name, country) may be collected for the purpose of analyzing statistics on traffic to the website. We will use this date to evaluate performance of the website and make improvements.  The data or resulting statistics are not provided to other parties.

Locally Stored Information

Stony Hill Solutions will not store information on a visitors computer, such as cookies.

External Links

The Stony Hill Solutions website does link to other websites to purchase books, Lulu.com for hardcopy and iTunes.apple.com for electronic books.  Stony Hill Solutions is not responsible for the privacy policies or content on those websites.