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Terms and Conditions of Website Use


We reserve the right to modify, update, amend, or withdraw any or all of the content or services provided on this website without notice.

Use of StonyHillSolutions.com site

Access to this site is intended to be temporary.  To use this website, you must be over 18 years old and agree to these terms and conditions.  If you chose to not agree, that is acceptable, but then you may not use this website for any purpose.


The contents on this Site are provided “as is” and “as available” without any warranties or representations regarding this website content or content obtained through links that may appear on this website.

This site does not permit visitors to upload any material (i.e. transfer) to this site.  The only material that can be downloaded (i.e. transferred from) is material that Stony Hill Solutions, LLC has written using computers that are routinely scanned for viruses. While we attempt to maintain a secure website environment, we do not guarantee this site is free from viruses or malware.


Stony Hill Solutions, LLC accepts no liability for

·      use of the website material,

·      use or inability to use or access this website,

·      unauthorized access,

·      unauthorized alterations to the website content, including but not limited to inclusion of viruses, malware, web pages,

·      website material downloaded,

·      any business losses,

In some cases laws do not permit limiting or excluding certain types of liabilities.  The previous paragraph does not exclude or limit a warranty implied by those laws.

Acceptable use of the website

This website and content on the StonyHillSolutions.com website is owned by Stony Hill Solutions, LLC.  Your use of the content is encouraged as along as you follow these requirements:

·      you may not use website content for a commercial purpose without prior written  approval,

·      if you want to use website content for non-commercial or public purposes, you must have prior approval,

·      it is acceptable to use website content for your personal use

·      for both commercial and non-commercial purpose, any use of website content must be associated with a credit to Stony Hill Solutions, LLC, in close proximity to the actual content being used

The term “use” in the phrase “use website content” includes, but is not limited to, printing copies, electronically or through other means storing the website content, or electronically extracting website content.

Links from other website

There are times that links to other websites are included on the website as a convenience to a user.  These links go to websites that are controlled by a third party.  The fact that these are included on the StonyHillSolutions.com does not endorse or approve the material that may be found on these third party websites.

Privacy for visitors to the website

Please read the Security and Data Privacy Policies on this website.


Stony Hill Solutions, LLC is registered in the State of New Jersey, United States of America.  This Website Agreement on Terms and Conditions of Use constitute the entire agreement between you and Stony Hill Solutions, LLC regarding the use of this website.  By accepting this agreement, you are also agreeing that the venue for any dispute between you and Stony Hill Solutions, LLC will be in state or federal courts located in Somerset Country, New Jersey.